Fermentation Classroom

Plan 03

Fermentation Culture: Indigo Dyeing Since the Edo Period "Sukumo" JAPAN BLUE

This is a workshop for making sukumo, an indigo dye that has been used since the Edo period. Participants will grow indigo plants from seedlings and create indigo dye.

The plan is being prepared to begin offering during 2024. We will announce on this site when it is implemented.

Outline of Implementation

Period November - March
Fee 10,000 yen (including tax)
Fee includes Materials, experience fee, insurance
Time required 6 hours
Minimum number of participants
Maximum number of participants 10
Languages Japanese, English
Cancellation fee 50% of the fee on the day before the tour, 100% on the day of the tour
Meeting place and time momofarm 10:30
Contact info  info.momofarm@gmail.com (momo farm Nishioka) 


1. growing sukumono, planting seedlings


This is a hands-on experience in planting seedlings. You will sweat more than you can imagine. Clothing is available for rent.

2. drying


Suku-mono drying is performed.

3. Fermentation


The process of fermentation is carried out from the drying of the sukumonos.

4. drying and dyeing


Drying is done from the fermentation process to dyeing. In many cases, the fermentation process is not shown in the hands-on experience, so it is valuable to be able to see the entire process onsite.

5. harvesting fresh vegetables


We will have a workshop for harvesting fresh vegetables. Participants will experience the process of fermentation and learn miscellaneous information about vegetables. It is also pleasant to do it outside, and you can experience that the temperature is higher in autumn and the fermentation speed is faster than indoors.