Fermentation Classroom

Plan 01

Rice Fermentation Culture Experience to Learn Koji MakingIncludes pairing of seasonal sake and fermented snacks

Participants will have a classroom lecture on koji and actually experience the most important process of koji making, "seed cutting (mixing koji mold into steamed rice)". You can also enjoy pairing homemade koji seasonings and fermented dishes with seasonal local sake.

The plan is being prepared to begin offering during 2024. We will announce on this site when it is implemented.

Outline of Implementation

Period November - March
Fee 10,000 yen (including tax)
Fee includes Materials, experience fee, insurance
Time required 6 hours
Minimum number of participants
Maximum number of participants 10
Languages Japanese, English
Cancellation fee 50% of the fee on the day before the tour, 100% on the day of the tour
Meeting place and time momofarm 10:30
Contact info  info.momofarm@gmail.com (momo farm Nishioka) 


1. fermentation of soybeans


Soy sauce production begins with the fermentation of soybeans. Temperature control is very important. We control the humidity and temperature in the room to ensure sufficient fermentation. Our hands are warm and comfortable, and we can feel the fun of being able to produce from this raw material.

2. Soy Sauce Tasting Comparison


Experience how the taste of soy sauce changes depending on the fermentation time of koji. Experience how the taste changes depending on the degree of fermentation.

3. making soy sauce


Scald and dry-roast wheat in a frying pan. Add malted rice and roast the wheat patiently until the wheat swells.

4. product planning for the monitoring tour


Product planning is carried out. We will plan together a program for the issued tour that can be enjoyed by many people while eating delicious snacks.

5. making soy sauce and salt kouji


Participants will take home with them in a state to be fermented. Fermentation will be carried out at home, paying attention to what kind of place to store the soy sauce.